AAD529 Promotional Artwork

Peer review

Hey guys, these are my pretty much final designs. So now its all about changing whatever still needs to be changed. I did a peer review with my flatmates earlier on, hence why this is coming a bit later. I will also have a look at a few of your designs and leave some comments 🙂

The movie I have chosen is The Lovely Bones (2009), directed by Peter Jackson, which is playing in the 70s. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9PrQmcV81Y&t=84s this is the trailer in case you haven’t watched it or need to be reminded what it’s about.

My initial plan was to create a detailed poster…

 …but regarding the time we have for this project + work + other courses I decided to go with a more minimalistic design. It features her bracelet and I replaced most of the original charms with key elements/objects of the movie. The polaroid look refers to Susie (main character) taking pictures all the time and wanting to become a photographer. One of my designs is darker, the other one is lighter. The darker one was my first attempt but it just looked too moody, and although the movie tells a brutal story, the atmosphere is mostly loving and assertive.

Hence why I changed the background. What I like about the lighter look is the fact that only the bloodstains hint towards the dark part of the story. But somebody who knows the movie would recognize all the little charms and the background. The watercolour background in different colours is referring to a drawing from Susie’s brother which shows the “in-between”. 

These two images are currently my final designs. The bracelets look different because I played around with layers and blending modes, as well as luminance. Everything was done in Photoshop. Let me know what you think! Thank you for your feedback, I am excited to hear your opinions on this. (And dont be afraid to critize please!!;-))


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