About me…

 “Be mindful of your self-talk. It is a conversation with the universe.” -David James Lees

How often do we catch ourselves thinking we are not enough, we do not have what it takes, we are not attractive enough, not talented enough, not worthy… the list goes on. We create an energy with everything we think or say, and this energy is either negative or positive. It not only influences our attitude towards everything that happens around us, and how we see things or how successful we are, it also has an impact on our well-being. Negative thinking does not only make us feel low and stop noticing all the small beautiful things that happen around us, it can also cause sickness.

I am Emily. I am 20 years old and originally from Germany, where I have spent my whole life before I decided to come to New Zealand to study after travelling around this beautiful country for one year. This year of travelling did not only make me fall in love with New Zealand’s nature, it also changed me in many -positive- ways.

Before I started my travels, my mum passed away and it made me lose myself, taking away all my positivity. Traveling, music and getting back into drawing helped me to -I know it might sound like a chliché- find myself again, letting go of anger and negativity. I started to concentrate on learning how to appreciate every little thing that happens throughout the day and how to put your focus on things/people that enrich your life.

I am by no means perfect at it, I am definitely still learning, and I do fall back into old patterns quite often, but my mindset is: ‘The journey is the destination’ (Confucius)

Drawing calms down my thoughts and it helps me to process things. So does music and in combination they just are the best medication there is.

There are so many people who suffer from a restless mind and I encourage you to grab a piece of paper and a pen and to just give it a go. It is not about creating a masterpiece, it simply is about focusing on only one thing for a while, making your thoughts go silent.

More about me…

Drawing became a hobby of mine at a very early age. The main reason for that is probably that my brother(18) and I did not really have any kind of technical devices when we were children, and whenever we went out for dinner, we brought heaps of paper and pencils along and that is how it all began. Since then I have been drawing regularly until school became busy and me taking some time off to sit down and draw became rather rare. Studying at NMIT brings me closer to drawing again and also introduces me to new ways of creating art, which definitely makes me step out of my comfort zone. My goal is to become a product or graphic designer, but I have the feeling that I might be ending up doing something completley different. In regards of all the things that are happening on and with this planet, it is important to me that my job -no matter what it will be- can contribute to some positive change… How awesome would it be to design advertising posters for Greenpeace??!

What inspires me to be creative the most is music, and either quiet places, the outdoors or public places (good for portrait drawing). Being outdoors, whether it is hiking, going for a swim, running, or just sitting there and taking it all in, is one of my favourite things ever. Nowadays it is so easy to get distracted from nature, because there are so many other options, which is why taking the time to just leave my phone at home and go outside is precious to me.

I am a ‘foodie’. Cooking is another passion of mine, and I try to be as healthy as possible, constantly trying to find new recipes and to create new flavours. Over the last couple of years, I understood how important it is to look out for yourself, no matter if it is a self-cooked meal, a pamper day or some time away from technology.

My mum used to be amazing at being positive, healthy and looking after herself in general. I know feel like I am adapting many of these things, which makes me feel closer to her.

Both, my mum and my dad, are architects. My dad has been to New Zealand a couple of times and my parents even spent their honeymoon here. Their love for this country made me come here in the first place and I am so thankful for that, because it made me discover ‘my home away from home’.

Me and my Family, 2016

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