Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

After realising that I needed to make more space for art in my life, I enrolled myself in all sorts of art classes during 2019. The only thing was, that apart from doing a few pottery classes over the years, I didn’t really expose myself to any classroom environment whatsoever for the last 15 years.

Showing up to a painting or drawing class was a major step out of my comfort zone. I was amazed when it became easier by the week and to challenge myself I enrolled in classes, which were even further outside my comfort zone.

One of those classes was a ceramic sculpture class by Vicki Charles. Being a practical person, I couldn’t quite see the point of making something just to put it on the mantelpiece afterwards or worse in the basement. I made pots and bowls before, but sculptures? As in real art? Well, it turned out Vickie was a brilliant teacher and I did indeed enjoy making sculptures. It was like taking clay to a different level, a more expressive and personal level.

I believe local private art classes are not only a perfect way to learn more about a certain medium or technique, but they are also an amazing opportunity to get an insight into some brilliant creative minds. Most of the teachers are practising artists and over the course of a term, you get a good picture of what it’s like to be a professional artist. Not to mention the fun you have with all those like-minded people you meet. I even learned to befriend my own inner critic.

For me personally stepping out of my comfort zone into art classes was a great way to prepare for formal studies at NMIT.
It was the first step of this journey.


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