Luke Jerram’s Glass Microbiology

At a time where so much information, misinformation, good and debatable advice are being shared online, I would like to share this artist with you.

Luke Jerram is a British artist who, together with a team of glassblowers, creates glass sculptures of various viral and bacterial pathogens. Being colourblind, Jerram was intrigued by the fact that viruses and bacteria are colourless, despite being illustrated in colour.

I stumbled across Luke Jerram’s work before Covid19 in a book called Big Art, Small Art by Tristan Manco and was wondering if he already made a sculpture of the coronavirus. And indeed eight weeks before the pandemic, an American University commissioned the sculpture.

“This artwork is a tribute to the scientists and medical teams who are working collaboratively across the world to try to slow the spread of the virus. It is vital we attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus by working together globally, so our health services can manage this pandemic.”

Luke Jerram


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