The beautiful mind behind Krystal Clear Art

#Art is Life and Life is Art is Casey’s motto. Purpose, happiness, comfort, refuge is what art means to her. Calling herself a messy artist, Casey works intuitively, sometimes without a specific outcome in mind. It is the meditative process of making art is what drives her.

Like many other artists, Casey was always drawn to art and yet chose a different career at first. Her longing to live a creative life made her visit an information evening at NMIT, which was the first step towards an unknown, but exciting journey. Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, who became an influential artist after his earlier career as a lawyer, Casey found the strength to conquer tough times and doubts. She finished the Certificate in Arts and Design in 2019 and is now studying at level 5 towards the Degree. Still on the search for the perfect medium, Casey thrives by learning new techniques.

Regardless of the medium, she might discover for her future personal practice; her professional aim is to work with people. May it be in the form of teaching or even counselling, Casey would like to pass on her passion and help people to heal and grow through art under her label Krystal Clear Art. For she herself experiences art not only as self-expression but as refuge and tool that had helped her overcoming difficult times.

It becomes clear that art is more than just making art for Casey when asked about what superpower she’d wish for. “I would like to have a magic pen that I could draw anything with and then for the drawing to become real, I could draw food and feed people that needed to be fed, draw necessities for people that would otherwise not have the necessity’s to survive comfortably.”  

Calling Aotearoa home, she is firmly rooted in Maori and European culture, with Robin Slow being one of her artistic influence.

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