The Artist’s Inner Jerk

My presentation proposes the idea of a 1- or 2-day workshop for aspiring and professional artists on how to work with your inner critic and how to manage anxiety, self-doubt, insecurities and negative core beliefs relating to creative projects. Ideally, this workshop will be held at the NMIT G-Block on a weekend depending on how many guest speakers can be booked. 

I met many artists, some professional for years, and can say many of them struggle with self-doubt and at times overpowering inner critic to a point, where their creativity was severely impacted.  

As aspiring artists and art students I believe it is important to realise that these emotions are normal and shared by many artists. It is possible and necessary to learn tools to work not only with external critique but also to manage your harsh inner critic.  

The goals of a workshop like this are: 

  • to find new confidence in our abilities 
  • reduce suffering 
  • be more creative and productive 

The objectives are: 

  •   Learn tools to tame your inner critic 
  •   Learn tools to manage anxiety 
  •   Sharing of experiences with fellow artists 
  •   Increase self-awareness through self-reflection 
  •   Learn to deal better with external critique 

The workshop will consist of talks of expert guest speakers, creative exercises and working in groups. Guest speaker will ideally be: 

  • professional artists, who share their stories and how they manage their inner critic.  
  • An art therapist for hands-on creative exercises, such as externalising the inner critic through drawing, sculpturing what kind of believes/ experiences inform, confirm and shape her or him.  
  • A mindfulness coach teaching mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques… 
  • A professional counsellor (maybe counselling students/tutors of NMIT), who will talk about imposter syndrome, anxiety, exploring roots of core beliefs, facilitate some group exercises


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