Alternative Movie Poster – initial ideas in Illustrator

I chose three of the thumbnails to explore them further in Illustrator. I tried Indesign first but I find working with shapes easier in Illustrator. So these are the first attempts.

The idea is to not show the train itself, just the light or tracks. I do like the first idea of showing the lit windows and the title as reflection/cast. The tracks however were -with my skills- rather time-consuming and didn’t have the effect I was looking for at first. The second version works better. The tracks need to be tidied up, though.

The third idea is the tunnel. Here again, the tunnel and the train are only suggested by the way the lights are rendered. Again, although I like the approach, I am not sure how to execute the idea well enough. Also, the tunnel could be placed differently, maybe higher up, or smaller and further down.


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