I really enjoyed looking at typography on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.nz/vogt1401/typography/. Here are some of the pins that might be good to keep as a reference:

I also came across some handy tutorials on how to distort type in Illustrator:

Looking at typography I just had to go back to iconic designer Paula Scher. The way she uses typography as a design element is unique. Scher plays with weight, size, kerning, alignment and colour to create visual hierarchy and interest.

In my poster design I chose Adobe font LTC Broadway Regular as a reference to the time the novel was written (1934). However, I would use this kind of font for specific purposes and as a display font only, as it is too decorative for body text.

LTC Broadway, the iconic Art Deco face, was originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1927. In the late 1920s Sol Hess added a lower case, and an engraved version for Lanston. “ https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/ltc-broadway#about-section

For the actors’ names, I used Adobe Gill Sans Condensed. It is a simple sans-serif font, yet classic and elegant.


I think I will keep Gill Sans in mind as a go-to sans-serif font, as it is a huge family with a lot of variations. Gill Sans seems timeless and the variations range from elegant to playful.

https://type.method.ac/ First try 🙂


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