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Looking at various tourism posters I noticed that posters of countryside regions often work with (curvy) leading lines, leading the viewer through a landscape. Posters of cities however often depict skylines, stylised landmark buildings and other details, without showing the bigger picture.

During my research, I came across Swedish designer Bo Lundberg and his colourful geometric designs that have strong references to 1970’s design as well as to Bauhaus and modernism. The simplified shapes of landmark buildings pop against the solid colour geometric shapes in the background.

Another designer whose poster I kept pinning was London based, ArtPrints Vicky. She creates more traditional skyline posters, simplifying the shapes of buildings to varying degrees as well as varying the opacity of each shape.

Maria Umiewska, a Ukrainian designer, often combines photographs with type and/or hand-drawn elements in her works. In her Kyiv series, she uses black and white photographs of buildings, sometimes in front of coloured geometric shapes that recall a sunset and echo the shape of the building. The title is as big as the image of the building, filled with a gradient of greens and blues.

My home city is full of very special architecture items which are often underestimated because of the historical period when they were constructed – Ukraine as a soviet state. – Maria Umiewska


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