Photoshop Task

I uploaded a photograph I took of the Nelson cathedral with my DLSR.

First, I checked the image size at 200dpi. The resulting size would still deliver a good quality print at A2 size (42 x 59.4 cm).

I then saved a copy for web use, which decreases the size for faster loading of images.

After basic corrections in Photoshop 2022, such as straightening, I played around with layers and the new selection tool for sky selection.

  1. Layer with gradient
  2. Black and White adjustment layer
  3. adjust the green slider to bring contrast to plants
  4. select>sky, invert mask
  5. mask blending mode set to multiply and adjust the slider until the foreground and sky are seperate
  6. tint the black and white foreground with an orange

Some of the designs I found work with silhouettes, so I tried to achieve a similar look using the above methods:


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