Travel Poster – Region and first ideas

For this travel poster project, I am planning on creating a poster for Nelson City. The Nelson region is well developed regarding tourism. However, Nelson’s tourism strategies seem to focus on the stunning areas around Nelson, such as the Able Tasman National Park or Nelson Lakes, but rarely feature the city itself. 

Target group: 

  • People who regularly visit cities such as Wellington or Auckland 
  • art and culture lovers 
  • 30+  

The poster aims at making them curious about Nelson City as a destination.  

The concept:
Nelson can have the image of being a sleepy little town with some ugly architecture and beautiful surroundings. I’m thinking of using those prejudices, self-irony and images of some of the ugliest buildings.

Slogans could be something like: “Discover Nelson’s Inner Beauty“, “Nelson- More Than That“, “Nelson’s skies make grey look nice“…


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