Random-pairings exercise

Based on Edward De Bono’s theories of lateral thinking, I tried this random-pairings activity. 

I created two lists of twenty objects and randomly connected a word from the first list to a word on the second list. Two of those combinations made actual sense and related to my poster. 

The original lists

sun  brooch 
computer cloud 
ring mouse 
poster flyer 
house church 
cup tweezers 
sea museum 
gallery clock 
hotel wine 
coffee water 
pen paint 
calendar rain 
suitcase passport 
wire earring 
book sketchbook 
diary dairy 
cow tea 
cat pool 
beach yoga 
gym pencil 

The randomly combined lists

sun  mouse 
computer tweezers 
ring clock 
poster wine 
house church 
cup water 
sea passport 
gallery brooch  
hotel pool 
coffee rain 
pen earring 
calendar museum  
suitcase paint  
wire cloud  
book yoga 
diary pencil 
cow flyer  
cat sketchbook  
beach dairy  
gym tea 

Gallery brooch and hotel pool

This exercise was completely new to me, and I doubted a little that it would lead to anything relevant.  
But I suppose if you work on a project certain objects/words pop up automatically that indeed relate closely to the project. I think it is definitely worth a try, especially if you feel a little stuck or in need of a new impulse.  

In my case it was gallery brooch, which perfectly relates to the art/gallery scene in Nelson (mentioned on the flyer) and of course the hotel pool.

Gallery brooch – image


Hotel pool – image


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