Non Profit Organisations – Food Bank

For the third project, I decided on creating a campaign for the Nelson Community Foodbank. Foodbanks are doing an incredible job while relying on volunteers and donations.

The website is well made offering solid information and education. The layout is clear, it uses stock images that are not evocative, but rather descriptive.

The Nelson Community Foodbank also use Facebook for updates, calls for specific donations/volunteers and to thank donors and sponsors. Again, the profile picture seems to be a stock photo and the cover picture is the cropped logo.

This Foodbank Project ad is run by Countdown and Salvation Army. It is cheerful with a happy smiling child holding a yummy sandwich. It makes the viewer feel good and communicates the good foodbanks do with a clear call to action. However, it is not evocative at all and is something the viewer might not stop to read.

According to an article from May 2021, one in five children in NZ live in households with food insecurities, which means food is running out “sometimes or often“. 1



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