Foodbank campaign – First ideas in Illustator

For this project, I decided to work in Illustrator, mainly because the design incorporates hand-drawn elements. I took the photos of the items and edited them in Photoshop before using them in Illustrator.

The aims of this campaign are:

  • Raise awareness of hidden poverty
  • Increase the amount of monetary and food donations to the food bank
  • by evoking empathy and feelings of sadness

Target group: financially comfortable middle/upper class families (but also the public in general)

This poster shows a photograph of a plate with hand-drawn baked beans on toast. The child-like drawing refers to the imaginary breakfast (imagined by the child) on an empty plate. However, I might need to find a plate with a proper rim.

Same approach as above with cookies. The word invisible is in a different hue of pink, making it slightly disappear when viewed from afar. The aim is to capture attention using the fact that the human brain tries to make sense of everything we see. So, the gaze might linger a little longer till the words are fully read.

The lunchbox filled with imaginary goodies.

I also played around with a Facebook banner/cover photo to go with the posters.

The font repeats the font used on their website. A clean sans serif to communicate a clear message.


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