Copywriting and Flyer

For this project, I chose a serious tone, as it is a serious topic. There is not too much information on the poster, as the work foodbanks do is relatively well known in the community. I believe too much text would take away from the design.

The copy is supposed to be evocative and factual (1 in 5 kids..). A call to action (donate today) gives the viewer the opportunity to react to the message.


For the Facebook cover photo, I omitted the call to action but added the line “we see it” referring to the invisible hunger. The cover photo is supposed to underpin the work of the foodbank.

The flyer features additional information about how you can donate to the foodbank.

Other ideas for the copy were:

We put food on the table  

We put more than food on the table  

From a child’s perspective…. What’s for dinner, mum?  


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