Preparing for Print

I chose to create this project in Illustrator. In order to follow the instructions, I copied it into InDesign to get it ready to print. The poster is created with a print preset in RGB colours.

First, I saved the Illustrator artboard with the final poster as a PNG file at 300dpi.

Then, I set up a new document in InDesign (A3 print) with 3mm bleed and 8mm margins.

I adjusted the png so that the bleed is completely filled with the background colour. Also, I made sure all elements are within the margins.

According to the instructions, I exported it as a PDF with crop marks and bleed.

PDF with crop marks

Making sure from the very start that the document is set up with the right bleed, margins and RGB/CYMK colours will save you a lot of time when it comes to exporting for print.


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