The workload of this course appeared to be evenly spread out and I appreciated the ability to work around other commitments (especially in times of Covid).  

Although a little challenging, I did like the rather theoretical sections about semiotics and rhetorics. Also, the discussion about ethics in graphic design is particularly important. Even if you do not end up working in this field, it does make you more aware of the brainwashing we are exposed to in our everyday lives.  

Starting a topic with a visual search on Pinterest is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in a topic. I actually started doing that for other projects. For example, as preparation for a photo shoot and then sharing idea boards with clients.  

The most challenging section for me personally was copywriting. Maybe because it was the end of the course, and I was running out of steam.  

I would like to thank all my fellow students for their time to give immensely helpful feedback! It made a huge difference to the outcome of this course.


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