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Well hello, I am Fiona and this is my very first ever attempt at a blog. It is very interesting when you have to introduce yourself and share about yourself to see what comes to mind. I am a single grandmother raising my seven year old grandaughter who has been with me for almost seven years now. I guess I would categorise myself as an older student compared to the majority of students I see here. Coming back to school to study again after a long absense is daunting and I have had to move through lots of fear and old beliefs about myself. My school years were quite awful but my experience of the course with the tutors and students have been really encouraging. How I came to be a student is a long story but I am loving it (mostly). I have always been a very creative person with a love of colours and all kinds of different ways of expressing creativity. This study that I am doing will result in a new pathway of opportunities

This year I am doing level five Art and Design and so far I am really enjoying it. A much bigger class than our little class of four last year in level four. It is great to have tutors that I already know and that know me. Last year I discovered that I really enjoyed the jewellry making with Bernard, whom we will all miss terribly. As I am doing level five on a part time basis I will have to wait till next Year to do any more but I have made some earrings and pendants that I have for sale which is fun.

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