Broken is Beautiful

About six years ago my sister was making mosaic things with broken fine china in the shapes of hearts and crosss. They were selling quite well and she got me very interested so I had a go. Oh my gosh how much fun it was. I have since made many items and used many different types of china . It did take me a while before I could actually get enough courage to chop up some really beautiful Old Country Roses china. Also, I have used some coloured glass which I really loved. It was from a glass plate that I found in the Warehouse one day. I made some little butterflies from the glass and the colour is beautiful. I have also used greenstone and even beads in my work, lots of fun experimenting. Part of why I love using the beautiful china is to show that beautiful things that have been broken can be remade and find a new beauty in another form. I love this in the context of peoples lives, including my own.

So the whole area of recycling reusing of materials is quite an inspiration for me, especiallly when on a budget. The recycling centre is an amazing place for picking up materials and objects to transform. I have at times taken my grandaughter there and let her choose something to work with, she loves this and it is great to get children thinking and creating. There is a Japanese tradition that when pottery or ceramics are broken they are repaired with gold. This treats the journey of the object as valued rather than something to be concealed. Makes the repaired article more valuable than before it was broken. This is a beautiful line of thought which I personally agree with and have learnt from. I do apply this in my life and when I look back on my own journey, I am thankful and hopeful for the future.

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