To Stress or not to stress?

Well today as usual is very busy and there is a lot going on both in my own little patch and with all the virus stuff going on. I admit it is getting a bit real with all the news and supermarkets spinning around us and it is at times hard not to get stressed and a bit on edge. I found myself in a supermarket this morning and I was looking for some yeast to have a go at making my own bread. I had this idea that if we are going to be spending more time at home together, which in my case is with my seven year old grandaughter Jayde, I would teach her to make bread. That was my cool idea and by the time I had found out that there not only was no yeast but there had been a bit of a run on it I was having to stop my mind from running amuck and my hands from grabbing all kinds of alternatives. I stood there for a couple of minutes and then walked away deciding to check somewhere else. Times are very unknown and difficult at the moment and seem to be changing quickly and I think it is time for us stop and actually consider what we do or buy without reacting out of fear or stress. I had this idea that we should have a competition to see what is the craziest thing people have ended up coming home with, what do you think?

Actually I think this is a good time to practice relaxing, taking stock and valuing what we have in our hand while it is in our hand. This is something I have always tried to teach my children but it is a good thing to remember in this present time of change and uncertainty for a lot of people. In the adverts on TV from the government we hear, ‘Be Kind’ and I actually feel that being kind is important never more so than now. Along with that should go ‘Be patient and Don’t panic.’ The temptation to panic or stress in many forms is there whether we are aware of it or not. Take time to do a few deep breaths and listen to what people are actually saying to you. Look them in the eyes and hear what they are saying, a huge amount of people are left feeling lonely, angry, and frustrated because they feel they are not being listened to. Sometimes just having someone that will actually really listen to you and give you thier full attention and be present in the conversation can aliviate a lot of hurt and frustration. I reckon if I am at some stage going to be home with Jayde it could be a time to make the most of it and have some quality time and strenthen our relationship,and have some FUN! Come on, let’s make the most of it, even though it’s not easy or our first choice, and interupts our busy lives, relax and make the most of it.

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