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Bio of Zoe Rouselle

Bio  from interview

Bio  from interview

Zoe is a delightful and inspirational young woman with a bright smile and, a bright future. Currently she is a full time student working in the area of Art and Design. Zoe has always had skill and flair in the area of painting and being an illustrator, but with the opening of new doors within her studies she has blossomed into the areas of jewellery making and photography just to name a few. After finding a positive and helpful supportive environment she has found that being an adult student to be very fulfilling and opening the doors to possible career moves in the future.

For Zoe family is very important, and she openly shares how much she relishes hearing the stories of the past generations of her family. A heritage rich with strong women, artistic vision and great home makers is something that not only she is tremendously proud of but inspires and moves her to follow where they have been. Her family have also been no strangers to overcoming adversity, but from her words I get the feeling that the family’s strong women of faith almost speak to her in quiet moments and encourage her to run her own race and keep going. To quote Zoe, “I am really lucky to have a rich history in my family to draw from. The theme of spirituality and women’s power is one that runs throughout my work, and in my personal life, it is so wonderful to have role models in my own blood.”

Another area that Zoe feels passionate about is the area of Nutrition and Dietetics. This is an area that holds great personal interest and investment for Zoe as the issues around this have also affected her family. After realising just how little resources there are in this country and coupled with the lack of supporting professionals, there is a corner of her heart that would like to see more treatment and support available for the vulnerable people who struggle with this issue in our community.

When asked about the future Zoe mentioned being able to have financial freedom to be able to create her own artwork and support herself. With a positive, can do attitude, and a very strong motivating work ethic there is no doubt that this young woman is one to watch. Perhaps one day we will find her sitting on a swing seat on the porch of her house with her faithful dog ‘Latte’ at her feet. Surrounded by a beautiful fragrant garden of lavenders and roses, listening to the birds song while she works on her latest painting or even writing her own story in what would be a fantastic read that would touch and inspire the reader and leave trace of hope that they didn’t have before. I cant help but think of the past generations of her family who have influenced and inspired her so much, looking down and smiling.

Zoe has read this and given her full permission to publish this bio.

The image I have included is an image of Zoe that was used for a recreation of a similar artwork.

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