Reflections on Interview

I feel that the face to face interview with Zoe was very successful, both on a personal/human level and also on a academic/research level. The reason for this is because when I asked a question, she not only gave me the answer to my question I had asked but also gave me a lot of volunteered extra information and sharing on her part. The questions that I asked were partly about the creative area of her life and, also about things that I sensed she was passionate about. These questions are generally very easy for people to answer, and when we care about something or someone, we love to share about them. This way the person being interviewed actually enjoys being interviewed and this makes the interview doubly successful. Due to Covid 19 and our current lockdown, my method of doing this interview was through email. Not quite the ideal of face to face but I think it yielded great results. Also with this method it is very easy to go back and read it again.

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