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The concept that I would like to promote is the idea of using art as a form of expression for young people. I would like to create a place for the children and youth of Nelson to share their feelings around Covid 19 lockdown in the form of artwork. I was thinking 5-18 year olds, which I know is very broad, but the work would be shared in different age groups. This would not be a competition, but rather a place where your work is expressed and not judged. I would love to see some of the artwork be on display in an exhibition open to the public, both online and displayed locally. A portion kept permanently to go down in history as part of Covid 19 Pandemic-Response. Also any donations could go towards supporting children’s and youth mental health in Nelson.

The reason why I would like to promote this project is to give a space for our young people to share their feelings and thoughts of this lockdown time. Many will not have had any way to do this, and the whole area of mental health is important to me. This project will not ‘fix’ things out there, but it is an acknowledgement that they matter and deserve a voice. It will also get them hopefully talking about their work and their experiences.

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