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    AAD Communications Lab S1-20 Comparative Research

    The event similiar to my shared idea is an Exhibition for children to show their art work , the theme was ‘Inspirational Women’. The exhibition is a culmination of work produced at a series of workshops involving children between the ages of 5-14 years old who worked under the auspices of the Garnethill Parents Association at the Zig Zag Arts based in Garnethill Multicultural Centre in Glascow, Scotland. The theme of the childrens art project was women who inspire them. This included well known women working in Scotland today, women from history and women from the children’s own families. The work was shown in October 2018. The exhibition was held…

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    Share an Idea

    The concept that I would like to promote is the idea of using art as a form of expression for young people. I would like to create a place for the children and youth of Nelson to share their feelings around Covid 19 lockdown in the form of artwork. I was thinking 5-18 year olds, which I know is very broad, but the work would be shared in different age groups. This would not be a competition, but rather a place where your work is expressed and not judged. I would love to see some of the artwork be on display in an exhibition open to the public, both online…

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    Reflections on Interview

    I feel that the face to face interview with Zoe was very successful, both on a personal/human level and also on a academic/research level. The reason for this is because when I asked a question, she not only gave me the answer to my question I had asked but also gave me a lot of volunteered extra information and sharing on her part. The questions that I asked were partly about the creative area of her life and, also about things that I sensed she was passionate about. These questions are generally very easy for people to answer, and when we care about something or someone, we love to share…

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    AAD511 Communications Lab S1-20

    Bio of Zoe Rouselle Bio  from interview Bio  from interview Zoe is a delightful and inspirational young woman with a bright smile and, a bright future. Currently she is a full time student working in the area of Art and Design. Zoe has always had skill and flair in the area of painting and being an illustrator, but with the opening of new doors within her studies she has blossomed into the areas of jewellery making and photography just to name a few. After finding a positive and helpful supportive environment she has found that being an adult student to be very fulfilling and opening the doors to possible career…

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