To Stress or not to stress?

    Well today as usual is very busy and there is a lot going on both in my own little patch and with all the virus stuff going on. I admit it is getting a bit real with all the news and supermarkets spinning around us and it is at times hard not to get stressed and a bit on edge. I found myself in a supermarket this morning and I was looking for some yeast to have a go at making my own bread. I had this idea that if we are going to be spending more time at home together, which in my case is with my seven year…

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    Broken is Beautiful

    About six years ago my sister was making mosaic things with broken fine china in the shapes of hearts and crosss. They were selling quite well and she got me very interested so I had a go. Oh my gosh how much fun it was. I have since made many items and used many different types of china . It did take me a while before I could actually get enough courage to chop up some really beautiful Old Country Roses china. Also, I have used some coloured glass which I really loved. It was from a glass plate that I found in the Warehouse one day. I made some…

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    About me

    Well hello, I am Fiona and this is my very first ever attempt at a blog. It is very interesting when you have to introduce yourself and share about yourself to see what comes to mind. I am a single grandmother raising my seven year old grandaughter who has been with me for almost seven years now. I guess I would categorise myself as an older student compared to the majority of students I see here. Coming back to school to study again after a long absense is daunting and I have had to move through lots of fear and old beliefs about myself. My school years were quite awful…

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