MonthMarch 2021

Blog 02 – Week 5

This week we learnt about the following SQL functionalities:

Alter Table:
The update command allows you to add a column, alter a column, rename a column, drop a column and rename a table.

Allows you to update the contents of a table

Use this statement to insert or update data in database tables.

This allows you to delete data from a single table.

Delete using cascade
Using this method of delete must be done proactively while setting up foreign keys, the database itself then automatically deletes the appropriate entries.

Delete with join
This method of deleting entries is basically a manual version of the ‘delete using cascade’.

We also learnt about using C# with SQL, however this is something I need to look into more before I understand it better.

Blog 01 – Week 4

This week I learned about creating SQL procedures and how to change the delimiter (;). The delimiter sometimes needs to be temporarily changed so that procedures can be made, because otherwise the normal delimiter (;) would incorrectly mark the end of the procedure. After the procedure the delimiter is then changed back to the default.
After it’s created a procedure can be called, thereby running the contained SQL script.
This will help me creating the necessary scripting required as part of the course and will aid in my ability to create functional scripts in the future.

The other thing we covered was flow control which, in this context, is about the actions and decisions that are made by a program either by itself or due to user input.
This will allow me to properly plan out the operations that will be a part of my game.

Blog 00 – Week 2-3

For the DAT602 course we will be building a game that makes use of a database. I have chosen to build the historic game of “Snake”.

I have learnt:
What CRUD analysis is and how to apply it to the game I am developing as part of the DAT602 course.
How to make storyboards for my game that display/plan out how a user should be able to navigate through my game.
These two pieces of learning will provide me with the necessary tools to plan out the User Interface (UI) and the database (specifically how the data will be manipulated).

We have also been covering SQL which we were introduced to last semester. SQL is the scripting language that we will be using to make our games and their databases functional.