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    Presentation Summary

    For my presentation, I looked at a range of ways to promote MF DOOM. After researching Middle 8, I found starting a YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram account. This would be effective in growing a fanbase as all these platforms allow the chance for viewers to interact with each other. I also looked at creating a website where people could receive updates and post fan art. Merchandise was also important as a lot of DOOM’s fans collect vinyl and selling unique items is another way to get people interested. Finally, I looked at using Spotify to create a public playlist to showcase some of DOOMs best music. Spotify is…

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    Behind the Mask – A Presentation

    For my presentation I will be promoting New York rapper, MF DOOM. I will be explaining his style of music and breaking down some of his lyrics. MF DOOM is known for making some of the best underground rap music but very little is known about him and his influence. I am hoping to introduce DOOM’s music to as many people as I can, even those who might not normally listen to rap music. Feel free to come along and check it out.

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    Comparative Research – Middle 8

    Middle 8 is a Canadian group that promotes/represents musicians by creating videos that explain the themes and concepts of that person’s art. With these in-depth video essay’s, Middle 8’s videos have become extremely popular amongst music lovers. A lot of Middle 8’s videos are about promoting smaller artists. Middle 8’s audience consists mostly of people who are passionate about music. However, they do make an effort to include people who may not be fanatics by simplifying and explaining the work. With the variety of artists they promote, it’s easy to see how they could persuade people to listen to the music they share. Middle 8 primarily use YouTube to share…

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    Behind The Mask Of MF DOOM

    Daniel Dumile, also known as MF DOOM, is an extremely respected figure in the underground rap music scene. Born in London, England, DOOM moved to the United States as a child where his family settled in New York City. Being in the epicentre of rap, DOOM would become influenced by other New York rap artists. In 1988 he began a rap group with his brothers named KMD. After the death of DOOM’s younger brother, the group split up and DOOM went on to pursue a solo career. He developed an alter ego namely MF DOOM, based on a character from Marvel Comic’s. As a part of this alter ego, DOOM…

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    Inside the mind of Bo Andrews

    Bo, originally from Christchurch, is currently studying arts and media at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. Bo felt that after teaching for 14 years as a primary school teacher, he needed a break to do something more creative, which is why he chose this course. He felt the course offered a broad range of subjects which was ideal since he does not know what he would like to specialize in yet. He is hoping by the end he will be able to use Photoshop and Illustrator more confidently and improve his photography skills. Bo did take some art subjects during his time at school. However, he felt disillusioned, as it…


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