I am 19 years and currently studying at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology in Arts and Media. I studied art at Nelson College and found a passion for it there. I became interested in graphic design as well as painting. I used to dance when I was younger which is where I believe I found my creative side. After I quit that I became interested in other fields such as fashion design, photography, and film. I take a lot of inspiration from the music I listen to. After finishing college in 2017 I took a gap year to save money and experiment with mediums I had not used before. I found this year to be very beneficial in making of the decision of what I was going to study.

Recently I have been working on low budget music videos for up and coming Nelson rapper, Rob The Bank. I teamed up with a friend from college to do Rob The Bank’s design work and promotional videos.

Like most artist’s, I believe in using any creative platform to express my ideas. This is was main reason for studying arts and media as I believe it will give me a broader understanding of everything I might be interested in. Currently I am unsure what field I will pursue at the end of my degree but I’m hoping to understand my strengths and weakness’s by the end of the three years.


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