Hello There!

Hello there! My name is Jayde Alexander McDonald and yes my initials do spell JAM, hence ‘The Jam Jar’, thankfully I wasn’t as unlucky as my grandfather, David Alexander McDonald. I am 19 years old and from New Zealand. I created this blog as part of the NMIT Communications project. I intend to regularly post about what I am doing at NMIT and any thoughts I want to share.

I am currently living in Nelson and plan to stay here for a few more years. I am an avid A’s fan and an NFL fan who wasn’t got his team yet. I have been drawing all my life and have just started photography which is going great so far..

Drawing has always been a way for me to make my own contribution to something I couldn’t. Since seven years old, I drew my own original paint schemes for Jeff Gordon’s car, even though he never saw them but that was enough for me. Over the next 12 years I have expanded into drawing all sorts of cars at angles that aren’t just side on, sketching buildings with ink pens, and I am currently improving my people drawing. I have also added Photoshop to my arsenal, making baseball cards and giving my friends gigantic foreheads tend to take up a chunk of my day.

Sam Bass has been an important artist earlier in my life, being someone who I have wanted to be like. He was an incredible artist for NASCAR in general, but in particular Jeff Gordon. Sam Bass was the man behind the car I excitedly watched every week, constantly producing the high-quality paint schemes that I loved. I am grateful to have been able to get a Special Edition Jeff Gordon 1/24 NASCAR, featuring all of the iconic paint schemes of Jeff Gordon, designed by Sam Bass on one car. It was sad news to hear that he died this year. A still very much alive artist that is one of my favorites is Mark Gonzales. I admire his art, personality and skateboarding. Despite being over 50 years old, he still is considered one of the best current skaters, purely due to his veteran status of being one of the founders of street skating. His style and personality is very unique making him like none other.

I began this NMIT Arts & Design course as a way to become a qualified graphic designer and expand my creative techniques. This first year, I am getting a taste of many different aspects of Art & Design, all of which I have loved so far – especially Photography. While I have my sights still set on going into the Graphic Design industry, I am 100% willing to change these sights in favor of a subject that I work even better with.

I am a collector. Up until around Jeff Gordon retired, I was slowly but surely building my model NASCAR collection, saving my pocket money to be able to afford the car and the outrageous shipping that is usually more expensive than the car. Following that would be the agonizing weeks, sometimes months, of waiting for it to come all the way from the USA to my door, waiting for that knock. I am thankful that shipping is a lot faster and cheaper (still expensive) now. As I began shifting into baseball and football, so did my collection. I now have a collection primarily of Oakland Athletic’s cards, including signatures from Hall of Famers, cards limited to 10 copies, cards from the 50’s and pieces of the players jerseys.

My ultimate, dream job would have to be a mix between be working for either Topps or Panini designing trading cards for the MLB, designing NASCAR Paint schemes or having a role in the Art Department for the Oakland Athletics. I would also love to be able to do some artwork in the Bay Area, California.

That’s it for the about me. If you want to know more about me be sure to read my blog!