Voice practice

Hi, I’m Jenni. I’ll be practising my writing voice here by publishing blogs -in a voice that ranges from the professional to the personal. I’d love to have you read my words and give me a ‘like’ or a comment!

Getting published

How can a writer can get their work published? I’ll be researching ways to get my own writing published, and blog about it as I go along. Places that I visit in this quest to get to know writing outlets will feature here. This will be the more formal part of the blog.


I’ll review books, poems, articles – whatever takes my fancy. These will also be fairly formal, but with my opinions thrown in.


You guessed it! A place that I can voice my opinions on anything and everything … usually things that annoy me!


This blog is part of the NMIT Blog Network. The articles and comments in this blog are the opinion of the authors and not necessarily those of NMIT.