Speed Sculpting

I decided to try speeding up my learning through challenging myself by creating a speed-sculpt. While doing this I explored a new idea for my bird creature.

While doing this I ran into an interesting issue that has given me problems repeatedly throughout my time learning to sculpt in ZBrush. Sometimes when I DynaMesh objects like wings, or anything that is thin, I get holes that appear in the mesh. I informed that these holes appear when the mesh is too thin.

Things got even weirder when I tried fixing the wings however. I tried using the ClayBuildup and Inflate brushes to add thickness to the areas of the wings that were having the issue. I hit DynaMesh again and saw this:

After doing some research and experimentation I discovered that when I use the ClayBuildup on thin areas, it pulls the other side of the mesh in with the side that I am using the brush on, this caused a great many warping problems. This video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI9c-BYCaTk explained how to avoid the warping problem with a backface masking setting. After learning about this lifesaver, I found it was easier to just recreate the wings from the start, although I almost never encounter holes in my mesh after learning these new tricks.


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