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    Breaking: Artish is a success!

    Monday June 24 2019 was the official opening of Artish. The event began with a presentation from the newly hired intern. She was extremely anxious when it was her time to shine, and although we admit the presentation was a bit scratchy, she tried her hardest to represent Artish in the best way possible. Since opening day, Artish has received donations ($21.64) towards setting up costs! We have received requests from 2 local artists who would like to be featured and help our team out. Despite the arguable quality of the presentation, it has helped us get on our feet and start forming our solid foundation on which the Artish…

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    You may remember Russell Powell from a few blog posts ago. Russell is the artist who created the hand-stamping technique to bring his amazing portraits to life. Russell is coming to NZ for an exhibition with his studio brand Pangaean Studios and my brand Artish would like to bring him to local tertiary art students. Artish is a company that helps support and promote NZ tertiary art students. As a tertiary art student, you can sign up to their mailing list to receive email offers on art equipment brands they are sponsored by. You will also receive emails for their monthly newsletter where they will feature a relatively ‘small’ overseas…

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    Russell Powell, Behind The Scenes

    This video shows Russell Powell working on art in his classroom, after hours. He explains his inspirations, his job, and how he started out with his unique technique. He goes over the struggles he went through to “perfect” his methods. Russell also mentions what his current project is (at the time of shooting) and the inspirations behind that.

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    Dirt, Fire, Water, and Social Media?

    For my last blog post, I shared my knowledge and admiration for Russel Powell. Russel is an artist who has created ‘hand-stamping’ as a way of putting together his art work. Another unique artist I would like to look at is Dino Tomic. Dino is a very talented artist, tattoo artist by trade, who lives in Croatia and was born in Norway. Dino uses very unique methods and mediums – just about anything around him – such as gunpowder on wood, sand or salt on various surfaces, glow in the dark paint, dirt and dust on his car, water activated invisible ink on footpaths and heat activated ink on paper…

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