Connections and Collaborations

Artist Kathaleen Bartha and architect Richard Sellars have begun a collaborative enterprise, RSKB Studio, combining art and architecture to produce (in the first instance) an exhibition called “Line by Line” at the Quiet Dog Gallery in Nelson. The exhibition is a beautifully curated selection of work and well worth a visit – it runs until the 18th of May.

Some works were created by Richard and Kathaleen separately. Others, such as “The Bridge Triptych” (above), are collaborative. Richard explains that on this drypoint etched aluminium piece, they worked side by side, from either end, to meet in middle. They were able to give each other feedback as they worked.

There is an intriguing idea that sits behind this exhibition.  It is the possibility of integrating this work into larger architectural projects. Kathaleen and Richard say they imagine works being incorporated into glass doors, or other building materials.

They are also aiming to reach further into the Nelson environs by working with other artists, designers and architects to fill some of Nelson’s empty shop fronts and use these as temporary exhibition spaces. This has exciting potential to enliven parts of the central city and further promote Nelson’s creative identity which I am very keen to play a role in, in the near future.