Pressure Powerpoints and Creative Spaces

I’ve always been drawn to examine spaces where people choose to live and work and have been fascinated by the role that design plays in people’s lives.

Last week I had the opportunity to deliver a Powerpoint presentation to the AAD511 Class about a hypothetical amalgamation between the creative, construction and property communities. I spoke about a growing movement to make better use of temporarily vacant properties harnessing the energy of the creative industries.

There is potential here in Nelson to work with artists, designers and architects – using some of our empty shop fronts as temporary exhibition spaces in collaboration with the nascent Make/Shift Space organisation.

Following a discussion with graphic artist Kathaleen Bartha, who told me about a project she became involved with called the 100 Days Project, I have developed a potential Artist in Residence concept called “50 Days of Design”.

The idea is to create an iterative design studio, in an otherwise vacant building for a fixed period of time, to produce and exhibit designs, materials, models and plans for potential use in architectural applications. The temporary studio space will be flexible, attractive and engaging. It will provide opportunities for landlords, developers, architects and the general public, to visit and find out about progress and plans for incorporation into buildings.

In addition to the 50 days of design carried out over 10 weeks for 5 days a week by the graphic artist(s) in residence, there will be a number of add-on events, such as (always popular) Pecha Kucha talks, forums, workshops – and potentially an ongoing building makeover using projection and site models.

There is potential for this an an idea because; Make/Shift Space would like to curate a variety of engaging activities within the central city, landlords want their properties occupied, architects and designers want to promote their businesses and Nelsonians want to live in a vibrant, community-friendly city.

There will need to be a comprehensive media/social media campaign to promote this so as many people as possible can learn about it and get on board for “50 Days of Design”.

Watch this space…

Caution: May Contain Graphic Content

“Cities in transition need experiments and discovery more than they need scale and certainty” Marcus Westbury, Creating Cities

We need to talk about Space

An Invitation:

To the class of AAD511 2019; aka people who need to hear about a plan to build a more attractive, vibrant, creative central city for Nelson residents and visitors.

FREE ADMISSION. Room M209, 1st Floor NMIT Library, Monday 17 June 1.15pm

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