AAD529 Week 6 Kirsty Cooper Travel Poster Research

Photolithograph for TWA airline by David Klein, 1956. Strongest visual elements are the buildings, traffic and the lights and advertising illuminated billboards of Times Square, cleverly implied through through bright, overlapping, coloured rectangular shapes arranged in single point perspective, as well as lines and star bursts. These are set against a striped, background of black and tones of deep blue. They reinforce the feeling of a big city full of very tall buildings. The deep black-blue becomes lighter towards the centre of the image to reinforce the perception of depth. Secondly, I see the text, bright pink ‘Fly TWA’, then ‘New York’, and finally the plane, above it all. Contrast of colours, rhythm through repetition of coloured elements and symmetry are the design principles engaged here. This poster says everything about both the mode of travel and the exciting destination that awaits a traveller on landing in New York in the mid-1950s.

David Klein, New York Fly TWA, 1956. photolithograph, 1012 x 636mm. MoMA, New York

My second poster is also promoting New York with a contemporary approach. Poster Art NYC Brooklyn Bridge Details | Pink by Melanie Viola, nD. Here, a combination of text, image and colour blocks has been used to great effect. Interesting use of typography and extended lines, as well as placement of text (on white, on colour block and on image. Strongest visual element for me is the ‘NYC’ white on grey. and pink. Then the colour blocks, followed very closely by the split photographic image. Fourthly, I see the text identifier of the image (a detail of the Brooklyn Bridge) then (to my mind) the great incorporation of the geographical co-ordinates. Just what’s needed when you’re promoting a destination! The vertical and horizontal elements, keep pushing my eye around the composition. Design elements to the fore here are unity (of rectangular shapes and minimal colour) and emphasis (of differing text scale and orientation).

Melanie Viola, Poster Art NYC Brooklyn Bridge | Pink, nD. icanvas.com

AAD529 Week 5 Kirsty Cooper

Explorations with colour this week. We learned about the Adobe Color CC website and built some colour swatches using the different relationships between hue, value and saturation on the colour wheel. Almost limitless possibilities and it would be too easy to get stuck trying to make decisions. I found it helpful to set myself some parameters, such as ‘the seasons’ to limit the decisions to be made.

Colour swatches

AAD529 Week 3 Kirsty Cooper

This week we’ve been looking at the principles of composition and layout.

Here is a link to my Pinterest board with examples:

With that in mind, we have been taking another look at the development of our alternative movie posters. I’ve gone with “The Whale Rider” and am considering a couple of alternatives.

The one I have chosen to continue to develop is the lower right, with the profile of the protagonist and the whale as a suggested shape in the background, using the profile of the heroine to suggest the shape of one side of the whale. Composition principles here include, rule of thirds, visual hierarchy and a touch of Gestalt.