AAD529 Week 10 Kirsty Cooper


This week we took a look at the number of ways of expressing ideas visually. Follow this link to my Pinterest Board that looks at examples of visceral, behavioural, reflective design, the persuasive approaches of logos, pathos and ethos, as well as variety of linguistic terms such as irony, metaphor and antithesis that are used to influence behaviour.

AAD529 Week 8 Kirsty Cooper

Creating Concepts

We took a look at the different ways to develop ideas and approaches to creating concepts. We did a random pairing exercise with two lists of nouns that could help us as we work on our travel poster designs. I chose the random pairing of ‘waterfall’ and ‘canoe’ and drew up a quick illustration to represent this pairing using Adobe illustrator.

AAD529 Week 7 Kirsty Cooper

Photoshop explorations this week. Resizing and looking at image manipulation using ‘adjustments’. Below are my ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of the glasshouse at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre. It’s a wonderful piece of architecture. On resizing from the original taken on my iphone, my image size went from 1066.8 x 1422.4mm (at 72dpi) to 384.05 x 512.06mm (at 200dpi) – big enough to print on an A3 poster with no loss of clarity. Adjustments made were in Curves, then a minor Hue/Saturation adjustment, then I tried Invert – I really like this highly graphic effect.