AAD529 Week 13 Kirsty Cooper

Copywriting and Tone of Voice

My non-profit poster is connected to the “Love Food Hate Waste” initiative that is turn connected to Kai Rescue run out of the Nelson Environment Centre.

Leftovers Lunch

I have been doing some initial research on food waste in New Zealand and have discovered some (to me) quite horrifying facts about food waste – not only in the waste of resources of money and produce that could be diverted to people’s bank accounts – or those in need of food to feed their families – but also the negative environmental impacts by greenhouse gas emissions from food waste in landfill. I have also learned that Gen Y and Gen Z (20 – 40 year olds) between them are responsible for about 28% of the food waste in NZ.

This has informed my approach to the copy I am considering for my poster. Phrases such as “Waste Not Want Not” have been around since the late 1700s, and I’ve thought about taking a retro /vintage approach to the poster. I have also considered using a play on a famous American television series, “America’s Most Wanted” but changed to “New Zealand’s Most Wasted” to highlight the worst offenders for food waste (fruit and vegetables 66%, and bread 25%). I quite like the idea of putting the power in the hands of the people and offering an approach and a positive – such as “Fight Food Waste – make a meal of your leftovers – the planet will love you for it”, or the more direct: “Land Fill or Tummy Fill – make the right call”. All these options suggest a different approach and I think I will be focusing on an informative/activating approach to include some of the more outstanding statistics I have found. My goal is to communicate the problem of food waste, and the options available to combat the problem, as effectively as I can.