A three point turn can be a slightly tricky manoeuvre that is required when a vehicle has to change direction in a constricted space. It involves a bit of to-ing and fro-ing but is generally achievable with a bit of practice.

I am in the process of attempting a career three point turn, with the guidance and help of the tutors at NMIT, Nelson.

I have always wanted to study the arts but at school was directed towards the sciences. I am the daughter of two science teachers, but they instilled in me a love of music, art and theatre. I am lucky enough now to be able to choose art – and I am seizing this opportunity with gratitude.

I graduated from the University of Canterbury with a degree in neurophysiology and animal behaviour – which led, naturally enough, to a pursue a career in television.

I have worked in entertainment, sport, children’s programmes, drama, comedy and documentary genres as a floor manager, first assistant director, production manager, researcher, writer, director and producer.

In 1990, I moved to Auckland, subsequently got married to a television producer, and we had two children (now both at university, a son in Wellington and a daughter in Christchurch). Last year, my husband and I moved to Nelson.

I am inspired by books, film, television, photography, design, architecture and landscape.

Part of the attraction of the course I am taking at NMIT (a Level 5 Diploma in Arts and Design) is that you are exposed to a broad range of art and design disciplines. So far, I haven’t met one I didn’t like.

The end goal for my studies is to develop tools and build the confidence to create a new career for myself in digital communications. But I may well get sidetracked halfway through my three point turn and end up driving off in a completely new creative direction – with a bit of luck without bashing a bumper or wiping out a wing-mirror in the process.