End of year idea: Crossing the road

It’s second nature for people to cross the road these days. You check for cars coming from one direction (preferably the direction that intersects your path first), and then the other direction. And when the road is clear of cars for the desirable amount of time (the time it takes for you to cross safely) then you take that opportunity and cross. Very straight forward.

Now what about if you’re new to crossing the road? An adolescent child who is still learning the ropes to such a mundane task. What if the cars drive on the other side of the road and you instinctively look the wrong way, unaware that you’ve unknowingly stepped into the path of a speeding people mover.

There normally isn’t much that can go wrong when crossing a road, people do it all the time in fact. The idea is that a creature (one I will create) won’t know much about how the world works. Unfortunately for this poor thing, I’m going to make sure he learns the hard way.

The scene begins with a basic tilt down onto a road, not a busy one, probably just outside the city (make it easy for me to create the scene). Cut to an over the shoulder shot with the creature standing up into frame, the road just ahead of him, through a couple bushes perhaps. A car zooms across in the background of the shot

This immediately establishes both the person of interest and the challenge they are about to face, 2 shots in and we’re aiming to push information to the viewer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The shot will change again to be a mid shot of the model now, looking around, conveying that it’s new to the world. Walking toward (backwards dolly shot) the road, its face lights up, seeing something glimmering on the other side of the road **not that it knows what a road is**.

Immediately it starts to move quickly across the road, where it immediately gets hit by a vehicle and gets mashed onto the ground.

I think it’s a quick story, has tension and wraps well. Also, because of the shots I have chosen, it feels like the short video should go on longer than it does, and when it hits and the creature dies, the viewer is left jarred and with unanswered questions. What’s on the other side of the road? What was the creature doing there in the first place? They’ll never know

I think it’s not only important to have an idea which is relatively straight forward, but also, it seems easy enough for my limited skill set to create.


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