Looking to Pinterest

After a lot of thinking I have finally decided on a idea for a humanoid character. I want to incorporate the Maori culture juxtaposed within the current NZ society and I thought a neat way of doing this would be to have a Maori myth/legend such as Maui be presented in a modern day New Zealand citizen.

I would want it to be somewhat obvious to people that it’s Maui but also make it so that he’s just a regular person living in NZ.

So I got to thinking about what Maui looks like and for the most part he’s just a regular human being. I think the depiction of him in the Disney movie ‘Moana’ was an interesting take on him. I think the idea of a thick solid build on a man represents power and strength, two ideas I would like to portray in my own character.

I went to pinterest for more inspiration and found it to be very helpful. Here is the link to a board I created and update frequently:


These just help to inspire the ideas I’m trying to build on or some reference shots of low poly models I use to help me create my own model


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