Jasmine Dowling Blog

Jasmine Dowling is a freelance letterer, graphic designer and blogger from Brisbane, Australia.

Jasmine blogs about everything from fashion to homeware to advice on being a freelance designer. I love reading her blogs because they’re short enough to steal your attention but also have quality information, she uses images of her work and has some really helpful tips/info on there. Jasmine makes her blog posts easy to read by splitting the text into subheadings, so I can easily find what I want to read about first.

My favourite blogs of Jasmine’s are her advice blogs, as I aspire to be a freelance graphic designer eventually, so it’s really handy to hear another freelancer’s advice and opinions about things like pricing your work, inspiration vs. imitation, things to know before you start your own business, etc.

Go check her out! https://jasminedowling.com/blog/

Image link: https://jasminedowling.com/personal-work/

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