Research: Greenpeace

I have chosen to research Greenpeace in comparison to Project Maitai.

Greenpeace are on many social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., they usually promote themselves through ads that pop up on people’s feeds, and they even call people up to share more information about their projects (which I have experienced first hand and I personally think it’s a good tactic if you wanted to drive people away).

Being a large international organisation, the official Greenpeace website is the first hit to come up when their name is searched. Their NZ website is clear and user friendly, they have photos at the top of their home page with news articles, press releases and other links below. At the very top of the website they have 3 tabs, one of which jumps out the most as it is highlighted blue, saying ‘DONATE’. While visiting their site I had a survey pop up with them wanting to ask me a few questions, and at the bottom there is a name and email subscription box for if you want to sign up to receive ‘updates and action alerts’.

As Greenpeace are dedicated to creating an environmentally clean and green world but obviously can’t take on the whole world by themselves, they rely on the public to get involved and take action with cleanups, sign petitions, etc. On their website they also have a tab named ‘ACT’ which leads you to a page of information on things you can do and how to get involved with Greenpeace.



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