Project Maitai: Seminar Presentation Plan

In preparation for my upcoming seminar presentation, I’ve made a plan to outline my goals and objectives, my main points and other details needed to carry out this presentation.

My main goals for my presentation are as follows:

  • Educate audience about Project Maitai, how we are damaging it and how we can change our environmental habits 
  • To help spread awareness to more people about the project to assist Nelson City Council in achieving their goals

And to achieve these goals, my objectives are:

  • Create PowerPoint presentation
  • Include tips on how people can involve themselves in community projects and be more environmentally friendly
  • Include resources on where audience can find more information about the Project 

The main points I’ll be covering will be:

  • About Project Maitai and what Nelson City Council’s main goals and objectives are for the project
  • How we as a community are damaging the waterways
  • How we can help & how it will benefit us in the future

My targeted audience are people who already try to be environmentally friendly, but want to do a little more to help keep Nelson looking beautiful.

Check out the below links to learn more about Project Maitai and how you can help out!


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