Logos & brands around me

10 logos & brands around me:

Apple – I definitely chose this brand over any other laptop brand because… well, it’s Apple, and I won’t lie, they’ve fully convinced me that they’re the best brand for me through their marketing and sleek design.

GoodFor drink bottle – I didn’t choose this for the brand name in particular, more for the look of the bottle itself and the fact that it’s titled ‘Lifetime Bottle.’ and I do want to have it for as long as possible rather than plastic bottles.

escea gas fireplace – this wasn’t my decision at all – I live with my mum & stepdad.

Panasonic TV – Same as above, but I’m sure my mum would have chosen Panasonic as it’s a trustworthy and well known brand.

Amazon pencil case – I chose this because it’s pink, and because I was shopping in Amazon at the time πŸ™‚

White Fox Boutique T-shirt – I didn’t buy this for the brand, I just like their clothing.

Huffer – I definitely could have found some sweat pants that weren’t branded, so I admit to buying these because I like branded clothing 😬

Fisher and Paykel fridge – Likely same as for the TV.

Lucci ceiling fan – Same as gas fireplace.

Adobe – Bought because I needed it for school and I don’t know any other software similar to it, so I suppose it was the branding and the fact that it’s trustworthy that drove me to buy it, as well as my tutors πŸ™‚


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