Project 3 Brief

The Bartender

I will create the visual identity for cocktail mix brand, The Bartender. I will start with sketches and then use Adobe Illustrator to develop my design, and put together and display the identity.

The client’s target audience are social cocktail lovers aged 21-30 years, who like to have fun while feeling classy doing so. They want a low-cost, convenient and easy way to make their own cocktails without having to go through the effort of buying individual ingredients. The Bartender is gender neutral.

The feel of this identity will be fun but also sleek and elegant, with Art Deco and the 1920s being the brand’s biggest inspiration. There will be soft summery colours used to brighten the mood, and because cocktails are largely consumed during the warmer season. 

The identity will be applied to bottle labels as well as a box to hold the bottles, and a website banner.

Project plan: I’ll begin by researching for inspiration and competition, then start sketching down any initial ideas. Next I’ll choose elements I like from these sketches and develop them in Illustrator, while experimenting with different styles, shapes, tools, typography, fonts and colour. Finally, I will refine the identity and apply it to templates in Illustrator. 

Project timeline: 21st September – 9th November 2020

Medias being used: 

Adobe Illustrator

Visual Diary


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