I love to create, and I hate to have to make up my mind.

Kaya Fox

My name is Kaya, this name is diverse, and a quick google will show you how it spans the globe.

I was given this name by my parents, I do not know their reasoning, aside from the fact that it felt right, and they had already spent weeks dithering.

I was born here in Nelson. My identified ‘home’ is torn between Nelson and Wellington.

I grew up with one parent, my Mother, and my two younger sisters. We share the same parents, and have two brothers that have different mothers, I am the eldest at 26 and my siblings are 24, 19, 16 and (very nearly) 5 years old.

My creativity seems to have always been there, I’ve used creation as a personal form of therapy for as long as I can remember.

When I was young, Frida Kahlo was the first female artist to catch my attention, her works and the tragic story they weave still inspire me.

I can’t pick a favourite medium, I love too many.

 Top picks however are: photography, textiles, paint and printmaking.

I intend to complete the Bachelor of Arts and Media here at NMIT, and then complete a post-graduate degree in teaching.


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