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Not Just A Girl Flash Day

Can you raise money for free?

What I mean by this is, is it possible to promote a charity event without spending money on advertising?

In the age of social media, the answer is probably yes.

Not Just A Girl Flash Day was a charity event held in October 2018. Put on across three venues in three cities in Australia, this event was incredibly successful, raising nearly one hundred thousand dollars for three charities.

How did they get people to go?

Promotion for this event was run through social media, primarily in the form of three Facebook events -one for each of the locations.


Across the three events there was a total of 14,931 people who showed interest, and a total of 2,541 people that attended.

Just a Facebook event? Is that enough?

It might be, but there are more ways to reach your audience. Not Just A Girl also took advantage of an active Instagram page and user generated content like the hashtag #notjustagirlflashday

Promoted content encouraging engagement using a hashtag

The hashtag has 655 posts in total on Instagram, at least 182 of these were posted by other users, the rest are Not Just A Girls own posts. This is a clear sign of follower engagement, which you want!

#notjustagirlflashday also made a few appearances on Twitter, this is worth noting because Not Just A Girl doesn’t have a twitter account, but their event was easy to mention, and find, on any platform thanks to the hashtag.

The event was also plugged on multiple local blogs. There is no evidence of Not Just A Girl having used any paid media to promote this event, and that makes absolute sense, it’s a charity event raising funds for good a cause, and after all, they proved it works.

The mission statement- Facebook

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