About me

I love storytelling and playing with words and am fortunate to be able to do both for a living.

I’m the Nelson Arts Festival Readers and Writers programme coordinator and a part-time creative writing and communications tutor at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. I’m also an author, freelance journalist, magazine editor, film reviewer and radio presenter/producer.

Since about the age of three and a half, I’ve written short stories. At about the age of 11, I attempted to write my first book. I finally succeeded in writing my first book-length manuscript in 2016, when I undertook a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington. After being offered the Hachette Mentorship for 2018, this manuscript, Beyond the Blue Door,  is in the final stages of editing to ready it for publication. An excerpt of an early draft of this work was published in Turbine Kapohau in 2016.

As a journalist, my writing was first published (as a contributing author) in Overseas Work, Learning Holidays, Adventure Travel  in 1993, and since then has been published in a wide range of magazines, newspapers and online, including I Told You I Was Ill: The Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan (2005).

In October 2018, my personal essay, ‘Scared to Death’, was published in Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety (Victoria University Press), an anthology featuring some of New Zealand’s best writers.

To conquer my fear of public speaking, I’ve performed as a storyteller at events including ‘Couch Stories’ and ‘True Stories, Told Live’ and was the Monday morning breakfast show host and producer at Fresh FM in 2015.

Born in Melbourne and resident of the Byron Shire (on the far north coast of New South Wales)  for most of my adult life, I moved to Nelson at the beginning of 2013. I lived/worked (and blogged) in a house bus for four and a half years while roaming the Top of the South, Wellington and Kapiti Coast, until recently buying a rural property about 20 minutes north of Nelson where I now live with my husband David, dog Lappie, three chooks and numerous tui and kereru.

My fur-baby and companion for the past 16 years, Lappie

“I feel most at home walking in native forests or on the beach with my husband David and dog Lappie. We often make this our ‘walkie-talkie’ time, although the dog doesn’t have much to say.”


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