MonthApril 2022

Project 2- week 8

Live Trace Experiment

This week I learned how to turn a raster image into a a vector drawing. The live tracing tool is a great way to see your image with different amounts of colour and can completely change the feeling of the image. This tool is also very simple and easy to use which is good.

Below is the original photo I used to create 4 different vector versions. I like the contrast of the dragon fruit colours against the background. I wasn’t sure if there would be to much detail in the image.

Above is the first version, I used the black and white mode. This setting created almost a new image, couldn’t tell that it is a dragon fruit because of the lack of detail. It was interesting seeing the contrast that was picked up.
The second version was the grayscale. This has created a more detail version of a non coloured image compared to the first version.

I think that this third version looked quite abstract with the different colour blocks of contrasting colours. This was the 3 colour setting.

The fourth image is using 10 colours. I love how bright these colours are. The only downside is how there is a lot of anchor points which will make it hard to further edit.