Week 9- Analysis Of A Very Colourful Identity

Waldo Trommler Paints

The main choice that the designers, Reynolds and Reyner of Waldo Trommler Paints have made to stand out from other competitor’s is the use of bright and bold looking packaging. They have created a brand with no corporate colours, usually other brands or paint brands in this case use 1-3 colours and stick with them throughout their identity. They wanted the brand to stand out and to do that they needed to create a design with elements that have not been used before by their competitors. This is where Reynolds and Reyner decided to feature a wide variety of bright colours throughout their brand identity. They have not chose a set scheme of two colours like other paint brands do, looking at their website and identity it looks as though they have used every single colour.

Waldo Trommler Paints wanted to show the main features of the brand, which are friendliness, quality and innovation. Their use of bright hues has created a very fun, bold, versatile and friendly looking identity that stands out. Their colour and image choices a very bright and neon looking which contrast well. For their individual packaging they seem to use two colours that contrast well, for example bright yellow and pink. They have also gone with a variety of capital lettering of sans serif fonts for their typography. The names of the products they have are printed very big and bold on the packaging, and is the main focal point. There logo which is lower case (wtp) is the only text on their products that is lower case.

I think that the chosen use of visuals for this brand are very appropriate, maybe even more so then other paint brands. Other paint brands use very dull colours that don’t really stand out from the rest. When I think of paint I think of a variety of different colours, hues and shades, which are exactly the elements that Waldo Trommler Paints have used to identify their paint brand. Using a wide variety of bright hues to identify the paint brand is a very effective way drawn in customers to their product, people will more likely chose the bright, inviting and friendly looking paint brand rather than dull paint brands. Waldo Trommler paints is overall a very distinctive brand identity.